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Discovering and delivering value

No matter what you do as a professional, you need to ask why am I doing this and is it worth it?

Discovering the value in the craft we’re doing

In the journey of trying to find the meaning of our lives, we should find meaning in what we do. It’s about seeing the big picture of our actions and seeking the value we’re making.

For people like us, we find value through serving people, solving their problems and helping businesses make a good impact.

The most delightful and meaningful things that I’ve learnt when I was a web developer is when making the website faster so people can easily access it, available offline so people will be less frustrated and accessible so people with disabilities can have their right to access it because that’s what justice asks.

And of course we find value in doing what we love. We love making things alive, we love making things and that why we got here. We do use technology to make things and solve interesting problems.

Delivering value

We’re not some machines who are told to make websites or implement features without asking why. We have to have a vision of what we’re doing and understand why we’re making these things and what’s the problem we’re trying to solve.

We have to empathize with the people we’re doing the work for and the audience who are going to use the website or what ever product. And that’s the value we’re offering, not making websites but helping people by diagnosing the problem then follow a process to solve that problem and yes we end up making a website, or a mobile app or what ever product.

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