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Does not remember git commands a bad thing?

bassimsmile profile image Bassim RAJI ・1 min read

I've been using git extension in Vscode for a long time so just clicking (to commit, push,...) I do only use commands if it's something complicated that I look for and follow, but now I found myself kind of don't remember the basic commands of git and it's kind of disturbing me a little bit and I don't know if there are people in my case? or is it for you a bad thing or it doesn't matter?


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Forgetting how isn't a problem. Not doing something because you don't want to look it up is.

Being aware something is possible is most important.

But you said basic commands. If you have a way, then you don't need to force yourself into a different way. However, I do believe the tools you choose for convenience will influence your choice on other things.

Using VS for Git makes it hard to do line by line commits, rebaseing and other useful things.


Yeah that happens when I had to do something like pretty complexe in it I do first look at a Vs git solution than if I struggle or I don't find than I go to commands


I've used it for 5 years and I still can't remember them (I Google "undo last commit" every time).

Git solves a difficult technical problem, but the UX is pretty terrible.

In my opinion that's also the reason why it never took off outside the domain of software development.


You can always use Google so it doesn't matter, but perhaps at least memorize the basic commands, it will save you some time whenever you are forced to use the CLI :)


We prefer to use Tower. Git commands are yucky - and we have more confidence when we can see what is happening instead of working with a black box.


Never knew about that, thank you 👌


First of all, I've been using Tower for 2 years now and I just love it. Awesome Git client for both, simple commits and big advanced interactive rebases. I still use the CLI from time to time, but most of the times I prefer to switch to Tower.

It all ends up in preference. Most (not all) git users just follow their recipes because that is how they learned it. IMO, as far as you understand what each operation is doing, you are just fine using whatever is better for you. If someone critiques you because you are not using the CLI, ignore them, it is just another flavor of Tabs vs Spaces or Vim vs Emacs.

Well said bro


It's very natural to not remember something that it's not used constantly. I personally use VSCode for everything except for Git, I prefer to do that all from the command line because somethings Code messes up something and then I have to go in and figure out what happened.

I actually very recently posted about some Git commands and several tricks I've picked up lately. Shameless plug.


Nope, you can simply use a management GUI such GitKraken or a plugin for your IDE and forget about command line.

It's ok if you want to learn the commands but als it's ok if you don't, as long as you remember the concepts (pull, push, merge, rebase, branch and so).

I'm with gitkraken after trying VScode plugins, native PHP Storm git manager, smartgit and few more because the automerge of gitkraken is like a GOD and makes you much more efficient at work. It also includes gitlab, github (and others) issues tracker integration and gboards, so basically lets you work on your project only using IDE and Gitkraken without having to keep various tabs pinned on your browser and switch from one to another.


if you stuck anywhere just search on google. We are human not like a robot so we are a great animal who is always forgetting without practice.


Not really, I google it all the time. As long as you're aware of what a command is going to do before running it, I think it's fine.


~10 years of working with git, pretty much only using the command line and at least once a month I have to google a command to do some random thing. It's not you it's just git.


I liked this 'It's not you, it's just git' I will quote it lol


I'm the same. Although, I just bookmark this and check it out when I need to remember something - education.github.com/git-cheat-she... 🍎


OH pretty good cheat, I'm stealing it ;)


No one remembers everything.