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Learning MVC 5

bassimsmile profile image Bassim RAJI ・1 min read

Lately, I started learning MVC 5 (little note I'm not a web developer and It's been years I didn't touch something in relation with web) so now I'm struggling to learn it, I've seen some tutorials and courses and made some stuff but I still feel like I know nothing about it.
so if anyone has a great tutorial where they build some kind of website from zero to a good point and in same time teaching good uses and tips I will be so thankful.

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I am working as an (Android and) MVC developer and I'm happy to not have to use that for my personal projects. Ew.

The one good tip I can give you is that ReSharper is worth every cent. It helps you write much cleaner code.

re:tutorials, Microsoft has that. (Probably for various versions of ASP/MVC.)

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Bassim RAJI Author

yeah, I'm using that tutorial.
great tool thank you (y)

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Joe Petrakovich

Is there any particular reason you are learning MVC 5 instead of ASP.NET Core MVC?

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Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar

This matters the most.


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