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What makes a good article good?

Hey devs,

Can you share your point of view? What are the qualities of a good article?

Is it...

  • Easy to read.
  • Has some great information.
  • Funny / Enjoyable.
  • Has someone's experience or story.
  • What else?

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Jen Miller

hmm, my top two are:

It has to provide value to me. Value could be an emotion or a piece of information. But there has to be something there

Tone To The Reader
To me, one of the most off turning aspects of a blog is if it's too arrogant or degrades the reader. Some of this I'm pulling off a my comment/discussion from here.

For example, articles that bully or is rude to a reader, but justify it in 'the name of developer advocacy' are a prime example. "You should know this, if you don't, then you are a bad person" kind of tone I think are poor ways to convey a point of view.

I'm OK with catchy titles, we all do those. But when there is a lack of 'compassion' in discussing a POV (that not everyone needs to share), then compassion has a bigger impact then just sound like a jerk.

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Yeah, Totally agree with you here. Everyone needs to have this concept that their POV is a POV after all.

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ismail self-developer

Wouldn't let readers take their eyes off of it (keep them keen to read more, in hopes of finding more and more info as they continue reading through)

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Good point 👌👏, I think every blogger aims to do this.