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7 Awesome Gnome Extensions For You

Hey, devs from all over the world,

A couple of weeks ago, I had to change my work station from a mac to an Ubuntu PC. Although Ubuntu is super awesome, I had to tweak it a bit for my own liking. To be able to customize it, I used some Gnome extensions.

What's Gnome you might ask!

Great question! Gnome is the default desktop environment on many Linux distributions. Gnome extensions are some code that modifies the way your Gnome works. It can make tons of changes that could be purely aesthetic. Also, they could provide cool functionalities.

Note, I am using Ubuntu and my Gnome shell version is 3.34.3. You might have a different Gnome shell version or a different Linux distribution. Some of the steps below might not work. Some of the extensions might also be incompatible.

You can find out which version of Gnome shell you have by running this command in a terminal

gnome-shell --version
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How to add Gnome extensions

First off, you need to do the following :

  • Install the Gnome shell extension. It is a browser extension that works best on Firefox. You can find it here for Firefox or here for Chrome.
  • Install the Gnome tweaks application from Ubuntu's software center. This app will allow you to configure any installed extensions.
  • Now you are pretty much ready to browse and install different extensions here.

7 Awesome Gnome extensions

Now, Without further ado. Here are my currently installed Gnome extensions.

Dash to Panel

If you like me and you divide your applications in different workspaces. You will absolutely love this extension. It has this awesome feature. You can change workspaces by using the mouse wheel while hovering over the Dash Panel. It also provides tons of different aesthetic tweaks to the Dash.

Check it out here!


The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that uses a timer to break down work into intervals. Usually 25 minutes in length. This extension reminds you - every X amount of time - to get up of your chair and take a quick break. It's highly customizable and really cool!

Check it out here!

Sound Input & Output Device Chooser

This one shows a list of sound input and output devices for you to choose from next to the sound volume slider. Really handy with all the virtual meetings we currently have.

Check it out here!

Open Weather

Want to get automatic weather info right into your top panel? Who doesn't! Well, You can get it using this little gem. You will need to get an API key from but that's no biggie.

Check it out here!


This extension is kinda crazy! It allows you to sync so much stuff between your PC and your phone. For example, You could sync your notifications, files, clipboard, and contacts. You can also set up shell commands like shutdown and run them directly from your phone.
It's time for some pranks, I reckon.

Check it out here!

Remove Alt+Tab Delay

This one removes the small delay when alt-tabbing. Pretty basic but still cool.

Check it out here!

Bluetooth Quick Connect

This one allows you to connect or disconnect Bluetooth devices directly from the Gnome system menu. No more digging into settings to connect your headset.

Check it out here!

That's about it! Let me know which ones you liked the most. Also, Are you using any extensions that are not here?

PS! I still miss my mac.

As always,
Happy coding 🔥🔥
“كود بسعادة”

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Matteo Carotta

Leave the ecosystem and live free as in freedom! 🦕 I like the list you brought together. I think you are approaching Linux the right way. Many spend a lot of time distrohopping as they are searching the one distro fitting them perfectl, but as point out by Chris Titus the best distribution is the one that you get tailored to your needs by yourself, 🔨 and gnome extensions are just the right tool to do this! 🔧

Check out my contribution to your tollbox:

  • Soft Brightness allows you to change the brightness your monitor. It's particularly useful if you have an external monitor or your pc is a desktop. If you use an external monitor together with a laptop it allows you to dim the brightness of both integrated and external monitor from sliders as well as keybinding at once 🔥🔥 !!! Must have, love your eyes!
  • gTile If you are into tiling windows but you don't like auto tilers this is the right extension for you! And the best part is, it works great also through keybindings 🔥!!! Must have!
  • Screenshot tool Simple utility for taking screenshots. And, yes it works great by keyboard shortcuts!
  • Display Button If you move with your laptop from one set of monitors to a projector frequently just make the way to the display setting shorter, save 10 seconds, it just makes things smother. Nope, no keyboard shortcuts here:(

If it wasn't clear until this point I love keyboard shortcuts, and if you happened to have this same passion, guess what Gnome is just the perfect desktop environment for you, so happy keybindings! 🎹keybindings! 🎹

Hopefully, you will find them useful for your use.

bassemibrahim profile image

Distrohopping?! Naahh, Too lazy to do it. Feels like waaaay more work for me!

That's a cool collection you got there, I will definitely try out the Screenshot tool & the Soft Brightness

Thanks !!