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How can I fix the post's cover image on social media

I am designing my own post's cover images and adding them using the cover_image metadata attribute.

In the question mark help section, It says The best size is 1000 x 420. This works perfectly on but when you share the post on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.

That 1000 x 420 cover image gets cropped around the edges. Is there a way to fix that?

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Emma Goto 🍙

I think DEV would need to create a feature to allow users to specify a Twitter-specific cover image, and then have that used when a DEV post is linked on Twitter.

Alternatively, when you create your DEV cover image, make sure that there's enough empty space on the left/right sides so that even if it crops, it looks fine.

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I did some googling, Found this:

Facebook's recommended res is 1200 x 630's recommended res is 1000 x 420

I tried doing a cover image with FB's resolution with empty space around the borders. Adding the text only inside the's res. It kinda works, But still doesn't really look good on dev. I think the best way like Emma Goto said, is to have different images for each platform.