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Let's ACE them interviews!

Just wrapped up a job interview and frankly, It couldn't have gone worse!

Two weeks ago, I decided that its time for another round of interviews. I like to do interviews even if I am not looking for a change. It gives me some confidence, keeps my head in the game and you never know, maybe I will find something better or learn something new.

Anyways, I got this technical phone interview with a problem-solving coding challenge. I noticed that I suck at those types of interviews the most! I feel like even the easiest coding challenge can be hard for me while someone is on the phone waiting for my answer and criticizing my every move!

Do you guys feel the same? Please let me know. Which part do you feel needs improving for you?

After I got over the interview. Now I am thinking Practice makes perfect, right? So I googled Software development Mock/Practice Interviews, But unfortunately I couldn't find any service that does that for free. All I could find were experts that offer it professionally.

Then I thought of the dev community, Maybe interviewers want to practice interviewing applicants, Maybe you just want to do it to keep your head in the game. Others have to prepare for their next interview or boost self-confidence. Maybe we can help each other.

What do you guys think? We could do it over discord or any other VOIP application. Please if you are interested, Let me know in the comments. Totally open to any suggestions on how to do this!

Happy coding 🔥🔥

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