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How you tackle a bug?


We all have encountered bugs either small or big. Sometimes it was quick and we solve the bug in few minutes but sometimes it even takes days for solving a particular bug.


So today, we are going to discuss "How we solve the bug?"

How I did?

I did following this when I encountered with bug:

  • First I tried all of my knowledge to solve the bug🧠
  • If it persists then I go to look on the web especially the savior Stack Overflow and documentation🌐
  • If it persists, mostly I take a break then I go for walk, listen to music, meet my friend, etc💆
  • After coming from break, most of the time I cracked the bug as I was able to see things that I was probably had missed during the coding👨‍💻
  • If it persists, mostly it won't, I call my other developer friends to have an eye on the bug😄


  • What is your method of solving a bug?

Discussion (2)

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Pablo Tejada

I convince the client is not a bug but a feature. Done ✅

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Suraj Vishwakarma Author

Modern problem require modern solutions 🤣