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Adam Jackson for Microsoft Azure

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The Cloud Skills Show Episode 2: Languages & Frameworks

The Cloud Skills Show is a new weekly livestream, brought to you by the folks at Microsoft Developer UK. Each week, we'll feature guests from the UK and around the world to talk about the cloud skills that Developers and IT Professionals can use to develop their career (or to start a career in tech).

In Episode 2, we’re looking at programming languages and frameworks in more detail. How should folks get started with a new language and what can they do with Microsoft Cloud if they’re already familiar with one.**

This week, Adam Jackson was joined by:

Guest Topic
Emily Clarke Microsoft Developer UK Docs & Learn Resources
Jessica White Microsoft MVP and DDD East Midlands Organiser .NET
Pete Gallagher Microsoft MVP and Pluralsight Author IoT
Rory Preddy Microsoft Cloud Advocate for Java VS Codespaces

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ℹ️ Here are the links and resources from each section:

Adam & Emily - Python 🐍

Resource URL
Microsoft Docs
Microsoft Learn Homepage
Azure Languages & Tools
Python on Azure
Quickstart: Create a function in Azure that responds to HTTP requests
Python First Steps Learning Path
Build AI solutions with Azure Machine Learning
Foundations of Data Science by UC Berkeley
Space Rocks

Jess & Pete - .NET and IoT 🤖

Resource URL
.NET Docs
First Steps with C# Learning Path
Work with Data in C# Learning Path
Internet of Things (IoT) Learn Resources
Raspberry Pi Simulator

Rory - Java & Codespaces ☕️

Resource URL
Java on Azure Documentation
What is VS Codespaces?
Accompanying Presentation on Codespaces
GitHub Repo for VS Codespaces

The Cloud Skills Show guests

A huge thank you to Emily, Jess, Pete and Rory for being on today's show. Don't forget to follow us on @msdevuk and to keep watching on Learn TV.

Next Week we will be back on air at the same time with our AI Special, hosted by Amy Boyd. Join us on Thursday at these times:

Sydney Singapore Mumbai Berlin London New York Seattle
11pm 9pm 6.30pm 3pm 2pm 9am 6am

Every week we livestream on Microsoft's Learn TV and you'll also be able to find the show on Twitter @MSdevUK and on the Microsoft Developer UK YouTube account. If you require captioning, that’s available on Learn TV and YouTube via the controls below the video.

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