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F/OSS Spotlight: 🔗 Shlink

Need to post some links in a small amount of space? You're going to want Shlink (code).

Shlink is a F/OSS link shortener with a great featureset, solid UI and good usability.

Shlink has a ton of features:

shlink features

PHP warriors out there will feel right at home with Shlink, and will be able to navigate the codebase easily.

If you've been looking for a link shortening service but wanted to run it yourself -- Shlink is the perfect service for you.

Running Shlink

Running Shlink is simple since there is an official docker image (with 10MM downloads!), and the docker container has been built in a way that makes it easy to run:

docker run \
    --name my_shlink \
    -p 8080:8080 \
    -e DEFAULT_DOMAIN=your.domain.tld \
    -e IS_HTTPS_ENABLED=true \
    -e GEOLITE_LICENSE_KEY=<license key> \
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