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πŸ”ͺ Blades: the static site generator

If you're looking for a new static site generator (done with Hugo/Jekyll/etc?), check out Blades is an ultra-simple static site generator that creates HTML files from provided content utilizing specified templates.

It uses mustache templates, which are super simple/minimal (even if a little old).

And of course, there's the speed -- Blades prides itself on its faster rendering speeds compared Hugo/Jekyll, thanks to its use of zero-copy deserialization and the ramhorns template engine (pure Rust πŸ¦€).

Blades provides a robust plugin system, supporting input, output, transform, and content plugin types. It's super easy to find other plugins since blades maintains a list you can just look through. Also, Blades has a repository of curated Blades themes.

Blades supports some pretty advanced features like image gallery generation and CommonMark markdown with tables and footnotes for content. When a page contains pictures, Blades automatically generates a gallery for them, assigning certain variables to each photo's page. With pagination functionality, it allows users to navigate through the content with ease, and users can use the available variables in the pagination section.

Blades also has the capacity to generate breadcrumbs based on the page path, which helps in creating navigational aids for the users. Alongside, it has the capability to automatically generate sitemap, Atom, and RSS feeds, contributing to a more organized and accessible user interface. Despite its focus on simplicity, Blades manages to deliver a streamlined and efficient solution for static site generation, balancing speed and usability.

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