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💻 🤯 AuthN with Authentik, keyboard training with rapid_typing, Analytics with Fugu

There are a lot of awesome free and open source projects out there, and it's my mission to get them to you (and find about more).

Here's a batch we mentioned recently:

🔑 Authentik

Authentik (code) is an Authentication ("AuthN") glue library that makes it easy to improve your security. Whether it's adding SSO in front of some applications, or acting as an OpenID provider, it's a great relatively light-weight alternative to tools like Keycloak that can be quite cumbersome.

⌨️ rapid_typing

rapid_typing is an obscenely simple faster typing application that helps you practice typing. While the project hasn't seen any commits since 2017 and the demo is down (previously hosted on Heroku, likely on the now-removed free tier), but it's worth looking at if you want a bare-bones, minimal self-hosted tool for improving your typing.

🐠 Fugu

Fugu (code) provides simple, privacy-friendly, open source and self-hostable product analytics. While many tools claim to be Google Analytics alternatives, one of the things Fugu really gets right is properly doing "product analytics" – Going beyond simple view tracking to help you figure out how users are using your (web) software.

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