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How to use AWS Amplify environment variable in React ?

Hello Devs,

Recently delivered session at Jaws Pankration 2021, Japan on how to use AWS Amplify for static web hosting and usage of environment variables for React application. Writing this blog on similar topics for references.

Let's understand about AWS Amplify first.

What is AWS Amplify ?

AWS Amplify is a package of tools and services. Before amplify came into picture AWS was providing static hosting using S3 bucket. Problem with S3 was that only any library installation like node modules had to do it before pushing code into S3 bucket. To solve this problem and make stronger and better solution come with Amplify console.

  • To accelerate deploying app over AWS cloud
  • Make more easier installation of dependent library
  • built-in CLI

How to host web apps ( React, Angular, Static website, other JS Framework etc. ) using AWS Amplify can find steps here -

Now let's checkout how to use the Amplify environment variable console to pass variables to code like in React etc. I haven't try yet another framework like Angular.

Mostly we always worried about where to keep environmental value like:

  • Third-party API keys
  • Different customisation parameters
  • Secrets

if web apps are going to host as static hosting. It is not recommended to keep under git repository or inside code. To solve this issue Amplify provide environment console UI where we can set environment variable.Once we set those variable we have to do small changes in build configuration under amplify.yaml file as shown below image.

Environment variable setting console. Navigate to Amplify Console -> Select App -> App Setting -> Environment Variables


Example of amplify.yaml for React. Because React require environment variable should have prefix REACT_APP

version: 1
  - frontend:
            - npm ci
            - npm run build
        baseDirectory: build
          - '**/*'
          - node_modules/**/*
    appRoot: demo-app
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and this variable can be access in React code like process.env.REACT_APP_ENV_API_KEY

Demo link:

Code :

Hope this blog helps you. If you like my blog please don't forget to like the article. It will encourage me to write more such AWS Cloud related articles. You can reach out to me over my twitter handle @aviboy2006

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sushilsawmill profile image

followed same steps and edited my current project, why isnt my code working ? do I need to create new project?

avinashdalvi_ profile image
Avinash Dalvi

Have you change similar in react code too ?