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AWS Digest nr 4

AWS Parameters and Secrets Lambda Extension

AWS Parameters and Secrets Lambda Extension

So far we always used a custom Middy middleware that we wrote to connect to ssm and handle cache, but this is definetely a very welcomed improvement.

Of course I wanted to play around with this feature and write a post, but just within few hours other AWS Community Builders were faster. Here is one of the most extensive article.

Feature Flags

A very interesting overview about App Config and Feature Flags + 2 new services I didn't even know they existed about Real Time User Monitoring ( kinda Google Analytics ) and AB testing.

App Config

More about using FeatureFlags with AppConfig of course on official AWS docs

AWS Data Transfer charges

Every single post from Corey Quinn is time well spent reading!
He is able to provide so much detailed information without ever become boring, and I love his humour.
Just read his intro to his post about AWS-Data-Transfer charges

Free doesn't always mean "free," like when taking a Twix from an exhibit hall booth means I get suckered into an awkward sales pitch

Hilarious, and very informative.

Sam connectors

Haven't used SAM much, was always more a fan of Serverless first and CDK afterwards, but I always keep an eye on it and this post from Jeremy Daly tells more about new Connector features and about getting abstractions wrong

Lambda Powertools for Typescript

Last time I checked Lambda Powertools was April, after reading this very interesting article about Idempotency for Lambda functions.
There are a lot of useful things there, back then though the library for Typescript was not yet ready for production. It is now ( well, since August actually...), and even though the Idempotency module is not available yet ( it is for Python ) you can take advantage of Tracer, Logger and Embedded Metrics.

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