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The Great Debate: Spotify or Apple Music?

averyd profile image Avery D ・1 min read

I've gotten into many fights with friends, colleagues, and strangers about this debate.

Which is better Apple Music or Spotify?

Personally I think Spotify is a clear winner, however, I am bias cause the last time I used Apple Music (AM) was when songs were .99 cents. Even then I usually illegally downloaded songs from YouTube.MP3.

My argument for Spotify:

  • The end of the year wrap up: How many times you listened to your favorite song, your favorite genre of the year, etc.
  • Try Spotify for free as long as you want (but once you try that 3 months free, you're hooked)
  • Spotify for students ($4.99/month) includes HULU (summer only) and Showtime
  • UI is pretty equal but if you're a fan of the "dark mode" trend then Spotify is for you
  • Spotify's billboard ads

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Other articles that agree with me:

Prove me wrong, or join the Spotify high 🥇

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simonholdorf profile image
Simon Holdorf

No debate, it is Spotify 😊

skyandsand profile image
Chris C

Although they've gone a little cuckoo with the mobile app as of late, Avery...

Spotify. How can that be a debate? ;)

Their discovery algorithm is pretty good IMO

slowmove profile image
Erik Hoffman

In Apple Music I can choose between light and dark mode, on both iOS and Android. As well as macOS of course.

Apple Music has better SDK for third party developer, bringing a lot of alternatives to the original app to both iOS and the web. This includes several apps showing such statistics as Spotify do yearly.

johnywoods profile image
Johnywoods • Edited

More Apple Music than Spotify, but I mostly do things differently. Most often, I just transfer music from my PC to my Iphone using the program, it may also be more convenient for you to do so.

richardj profile image

I don't know if you can scrobble your tracks with Apple Music and i don't care to find out, Spotify it is and has been for years.

It is in no way perfect (local files is still a mess and will probably stay that way forever).

ferricoxide profile image
Thomas H Jones II

Likely, it depends on your listening style. For me, the answer is "neither":

  • Spotify doesn't match my listening-style
  • I pretty much refuse to have anything that tries to lock me in to Apple's "ecosystem" (though, I pretty much consigned Apple software to the "crapware" category because of how offensive and atrocious the old iTunes player was)

For the type of music I listen to and the way I listen to it, I prefer SoundCloud ...Though I wish that SoundCloud offered the kinds of bit-rates and dynamic-range that I can get from Google Music.

joeattardi profile image
Joe Attardi

I prefer Apple Music overall. It has better integration with all my devices. Particularly with CarPlay- last time I used Spotify with CarPlay it was pretty gimped - there was a limitation on how many albums it could display, for example, and voice control is not as good as with Apple Music.

I also like that Apple Music lets me upload my own stuff that isn't in their catalog and then listen to it on my devices.

Honestly though, either one is great.

aalireza439 profile image

you can use Spotify freely, let see if apple music can top that.
I am using Spotify free over 5 years, and I don't even care about ads, I kinda like it 😀

jess profile image
Jess Lee (she/her)

I don't even care about ads, I kinda like it 😀

I'm sure this comment makes someone on the Spotify team really happy 😂

schmowser profile image
Victor Warno

What about Deezer? I got a bike sharing deal with my subscription which is pretty neat. Although, I feel like the Spotify algorithm is more successful at finding me music that fits my taste :D

averyd profile image
Avery D Author

Never heard of Deezer, but I think once more and more subscription based revenue models arrive (think Disney+, NBC, Apple, etc.) bundling with other companies will be the determining factor for most consumers.

crytel profile image
Thomas Koefod

I actually just use and love Google music, plus I don't get ads on YouTube with it.

lautarolobo profile image
Lautaro Lobo

Spotify all day long!

jackmarkenson profile image

You should try using the musconv tool. It provides you with the service of transferring your music playlist from spotify to apple music. Only one click ahead, it's very easy to use. intuitive as well.

fultonbrowne profile image
Fulton Browne

Amazon music, so neither :]

flrnd profile image
Florian Rand

Dropped my 11 years Spotify subscription in favour of youtube music. No regrets.

acnologiatheend profile image
Winston Chung

"My friend" used to download from YouTube but the quality really sucks if you have good headphones

growjj profile image

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jackmarkenson profile image

if you want to exchange your playlist's on services, you can use MusConv to transfer songs between apple music and spotify, I've been using it and i think it has been the easier way to transfer playlist from one to another.

It also has interesting features like:
-Transfering unlimited tracks.
-Transfering unlimited playlists.
-Supports over 20 playlist file formats.

Also supports more than 30 music services.