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Atul Bhatt
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React Interview - (Part 3)

So welcome🙂 again to another part of React Interview series. So we’re finally now into part-3. Before I thought to bind up this series into total of 3 parts but there are so many questions to cover because React also includes JS. So hopefully this series will have total 5 parts.

So let’s cut out the introductory crap and jump directly into some more React interview questions.

1- What does useState return?
2- What’s the difference between React Router and React router DOM?
3- What are peer dependencies?
4- Can we use React without JSX?
5- Why do we have to use className prop and can't have class as a prop to a component as a CSS selector?

  <div className= “react-interview”>
  Hi! []( 
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6- Explain the Redux lifecycle.
7- What’s the output?

     const b = 'abc' 
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8- What are events in JS and how we can play around them?
9- Explain the use of useRef?
10- Difference between the Browser Router and Hash Router?

I'll be wrapping up this part of the article here. I'll be glad to read you answers to these question in the comment section.

And don't forget to mention your approach towards taking interviews. How you approach it? And I know there might be some flaws🥺 in asking these questions so you are free to point them out.

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