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AI enthusiasm #2 - Free alternatives to ChatGPT💬

HuggingChat, and everything-rag: free-to-use ChatGPT alternatives

What is going on with LLMs?

If you take a look at the LMSys Chatbot Arena Leaderboard, based on 600.000+ human preferences, you will notice an interesting fact: although GPT-4 leads the rankings, its previous version (GPT-3.5, on which free ChatGPT is based) fell to position 19.

On the other hand, other models such as Claude by Anthropic, Gemini by Google, Mistral Large or Command R are performing better and seem, overall, to be more helpful and precise.

Here comes the point: how can someone use them? In this post, we'll briefly talk about HuggingChat and, two of the many ChatGPT free alternatives.


As long as you have a free Hugging Face account, you can sign up and exploit HuggingChat, a web-based chat interface where you will find 5 large language models to play with (Mixtral-7B-it v0.1 and v0.2, Command R plus, Gemma 1.1-7B-it, Dolphin). You will also have the possibility to exploit several assistants made by the Hugging Face community, or even create your own!

Here, for example, is one that I made with just a few clicks and some elaborate instructions: reAIdme.

This is a tremendous advantage, because you can find what you want when you want it and as you want it, just by fine-graining your assistant, tailoring it to your needs! is a 100% local alternative to ChatGPT: you can download LLMs and run them directly from within the application, or even prompting them and retrieving their response via API.

The application is available on your Desktop, it is easy to install and very intuitive to use: the only downside is that you need to have enough computational power to run LLMs locally, and most of normal computers struggle to meet with these requirements.


everything-rag is a completely free-to-use, 100% local chatbot based on Gradio, Langchain and ChromaDB.

You can run it with virtually any text-generation and text2text-generation LLMs on Hugging Face, and also upload your own pdfs and chat with them at any time.

Being distributed within a Docker image, its installation and execution is overly simple. but if you don't want to use it locally, you can always exploit the online HF space here

For future releases, multi-lingual support, more text-based tasks and also computer vision function will be added, so stay tuned!

Are you aware of any other free-to-use and powerful ChatGPT alternative? Let us know in the comments below!💬❤️

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