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everything-ai v2.0.0: more AI power on your Desktop

What is everything-ai?

everything-ai is natively a multi-tasking agent, 100% local, that is able to perform several AI-related tasks

What's new?

I am more than thrilled to introduce some new functionalities that were added since last release:

  • 儭 Handle audio files or microphone recordings, classifying or transcribing them with almost every audio-classification and automatic-speech-recognition model on Hugging Face Hub.
  • 踝 Generate video from text prompts with almost every text-to-video model on HuggingFace Hub (original architecture by Vasiliy Katsyka)
  • 妞 Predict the 3D structure of proteins from their amino-acidic sequence, with EsmFold by AI at Meta (demo)
  • 儭 Finetune HF models on several downstream tasks with AutoTrain local integration (AutoTrain is developed by Abhishek Thakur)
  • 儭 Unleash powerful LLMs and exploit larger database collections for RAG with the integration of Hugging Face Spaces API and Supabase PostgreSQL databases (demo)

How can you use all of these features?

You just need a docker compose up!

Where can I find everything I need?

Get the source code (and leave a little 潃 while you're there):

Get a quick-start with the documentation:

Credits and inspiration

Shout-outs to Hugging Face, Gradio, Docker, AI at Meta, Abhishek Thakur, Qdrant, LangChain and Supabase for making all of this possible!

Inspired by: Jan, Cheshire Cat AI, LM Studio, Ollama and other awesome local AI solutions!

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