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Not programming related, but super excited that my first mystery novel, "Noah Clue, P.I." releases in paperback worldwide on Sunday!! EEEEEEEEE!

I also just got word that the Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle will be carrying it in store in their mystery section!

It's really kinda surreal. I spent several minutes yesterday just staring at the Barnes & Noble page for the book, hardly able to believe this is real.



Toby Flenderson, is that you?


Couldn't be. I have no concerns over present air quality.

Sips coffee.

Lol, good one. Congrats by the way!


Hey Jason,


How did you learn writing?


I've been coming up with stories my whole life, growing up in literary circles, as my mother is an author and editor. So, as you can imagine, I read a lot of books, both with my mother and on my own. (I read through the complete unabridged Wizard of Oz series by myself in one summer when I was six.)

I joined my first professional critique group when I was eight; I was told I'd be welcome to join, but they'd expect me to accept the same unvarnished feedback that any grown-up member would get, and to read their work and provide the same sort of honest feedback. So, I did.

When writing professionally, you really learn that nothing you write is sacred. Even the sentence you think is the most brilliant, or the quote you think must surely be worthy of Bartlett's Quotations, might actually need to get cut from the book. Most people are okay coming up with words; the art of writing is largely in getting rid of words.

From there, I just kept writing, participating in critique groups and countless writing workshops, and honing my craft.


I am proud of creating JSitor, which is an alternative of JSFiddle, JSBin and CodePen.

I won't say that JSitor will be the best tool but definitely it is worth to explore. Give a try and share your feedback. I would love to hear from you guys.


Awesome work!
I'm finding it an easier interface than codepen, and the autocomplete is great.


Thank you Willsmart. I am glad to hear that. Let me know if you any suggestions or feedback, I would love to resolve that.


Looks awesome! Great job!!


Well, I'm proud of two main things right now!

  1. My blog CodeMeNatalie where I try to write mainly about CSS and show people that it's not difficult! :)

  2. My creations on CodePen!


I'm proud of maintaining an Open Source library called Morphism since 3 years. Even though there are not so much stars, last year it registered 7K NPM downloads, and this year, at this time it reaches +35K NPM downloads 😊.

GitHub logo nobrainr / morphism

⚑ Do not repeat anymore your objects transformations.


npm npm bundle size (minified) npm CircleCI (all branches) Deps Greenkeeper badge

In many fields of mathematics, morphism refers to a structure-preserving map from one mathematical structure to another. A morphism f with source X and target Y is written f : X β†’ Y. Thus a morphism is represented by an arrow from its source to its target.


  • βš›οΈ Write your schema once, Transform your data everywhere
  • 0️⃣ Zero dependencies
  • πŸ’ͺ🏽 Typescript Support


On one of my project, I had to create almost the same thing! I didn't know about this!
I just starred it, it looks really useful!


Awesome! πŸ™ŒπŸ½Thank you 😊 I would be curious to know the use case you had in your project :)


DEV has come a long way since its origins...


Proud speaking up about one of the worst experiences I've had in life:

I LOVE this community β™₯️


I'm proud of be a software tester. :)


I guess I'm most proud of something non-career related.

Since childhood, I've had a terrible posture and it only got worse throughout college and when I started working. I've had scoliosis and kyphosis, and I was a year or two away from needing surgery to fix it.

My girlfriend motivated me to get a personal trainer specialized in posture, and after 7 months of regular exercises and progress tracking, I'm almost finished in fixing my posture. Exercises were simple and very effective and I didn't need to buy anything to perform them. And I also could do them at home. Each month I would get a new set of exercises targeting different areas of the body that were needed to correct the posture.

So I also want to encourage anyone else that has issues with posture to seek help and try to fix it before it gets worse. Posture exercises are great and you'll feel much better after a month or two of regular exercises.


I am proud of making ProjectMan a command line tool to add projects to favorites and open them from anywhere using command pm open.

I released it's v1.2.0 and have almost all the most asked features done by this version so it is pretty stable now.


I started my 30 Day Challenge: Write one Post per Day 24 days ago and wrote on 23 days, with only one failed day and no safety-net.


I've done a blogging challenge as well! Are you finding that it's helped you create a writing habit?


Social accountability is a great motivation.


I am proud of my past endeavors as a maker (programming 3D CNC machines count?).
I managed to develop a production process and create from start to finish snowboards, kiteboards, and surfboards.
Had to close it due to some external factors.
I still have few boards and tech in my head πŸ˜‰
Maybe when I will have some free time I will write it all down and opensource it.



I took care of my daughter all day on my own on Tuesday and nobody died.


I just earned my first developer job at a company I love, and I could not be more excited and proud of myself!!!

Began programming in a bootcamp beginning of 2018, worked as a coach at the same bootcamp after graduation, and will be starting my new role as a full stack engineer at the end of the month!


Built this pretty cool UI for my app
Alt text of image


What's it written in?


Just java and android layout XML

Ah, cool! (I write React Native, so I don't know much about native dev with android layout XML :) )

Some people hate it I really dont mind it though

<androidx.core.widget.NestedScrollView xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"

        android:text="@string/large_text" />


heh; I could see how that could get difficult to write or figure out what is going on :) but I could also see how you like it. Thanks for showing!

Yah and thats my shortest one the one you see in the picture is here:


Im proud of getting second at the national stage of a programming contest! The project i submited was this logic gate sim. The creators of the first 5 best-rated projects by the judges competed in an additional hackathon (24h) with the theme of "teaching others about cyber security". For that one I made a jsbin - style node playground with security - related nodejs challenges. (Its not online cause it wasnt that good - i only had 24h lol). Overall i really enjoyed meeting other guys of my age interested about programming and ill decinitly participate again next year:)


What happened to being humble developers? :D


Hehe, waiting for your brag 😁


I'm super excited that I'll be sending out my first invites to my Laravel app monitoring service Larahawk in the next week! Not only will it be my first run at a premium SaaS app, but I'm working through a bit of a funk after seeing Flare's launch last month. Still pressing on, because regardless I just want to finish what I set out to build!

You know what they say about the last 5% of development taking 95% of the time, it's too accurate.


A project of mine recently passed 30 stars (my most yet) :D

And another project of mine is a library but I'm technically proud of what I was able to get it do. (Sign in with many OAuth2 Identity Providers from registering only 2 http handlers. 8 sites supported so far :D)


That I'm now more than eager to put the idea forth having a data store, which preserves all versions in a space efficient manner. Furthermore, it allows efficient queries on each revision, reconstruct a revision, to revert to a revision and commit a new revision while preserving all revisions in-between...



I just wrote my first dev.to post/the first article of my life. I would brag about it as the title suggests πŸ˜„. It's an article about, how I fumbled across array.reduce and how I had a realization. You can check it out here


I survived a toxic workplace that actively questioned my expertise and value for years, leading into a burnout 3 years ago.
Today I still work full-time as software developer, but also help to maintain an OSS project, speak at meetups and conferences, write a blog and still have (and celebrate) more time with my family and friends than ever before.


I've been working on a redesign of the docs site for Orchid. I've even been taking the time to learn how to use Figma, with help from the resources I asked for earlier this year in this thread.

Here's a link to the Figma project, and the WIP of the redesigned site.

There are still a few things I'm slowly tweaking here-and-there, like the exact copy and content for the homepage, and the color/design of the new logo. But I'm pretty darn proud of myself, I've never really considered myself much of a designer before now!


Generally proud of how far I have come in the world of programming whilst being in medical school in my 4th year.
Also glad of my best project yet, my blog at coleruche.com.
Hopefully looking to get better, get a well paid job that appreciates my skills, and make the most radical decision of my life!


My Chrome Extension got me on SkyNews: youtu.be/BSUtTBZk0qo πŸ˜‚


I just moved out of my parents house for the first time into a new apartment with my girlfriend 😊


I'm currently building a code translation platform called Transcode, it's built with ReactJs but the core translation logic is built with ES6.

Here's the site - transcode.prvnbist.com
Github - github.com/prvnbist/transcode

Transcode Interface


Memory Matching PWA Game I built ... my son (8 years old) came up the figures. And, it’s actually a lot of fun: bit.ly/memory-matcher


Not code related but I finally started doing live gaming on Twitch. It's not great for now but I'm committed to make something out of it (which is what I'm actually proud of, can't remember the last time I've started something new in my life).

(For the curious there's a link on my profile but be warned, it's all in French!)


I recently just passed my Microsoft Certification of Programming with C#. I know it's probably just fluff to others, but this was an awesome achievement for me mentally, knowing that I can do something if I actually put the work.



It's an online Java thread stacktrace analyzer that runs completely in your browser. I forked it from the original project started by a guy at Spotify.

But what I'm most proud of is the domain name. It's a nice domain name. But the best part is that the TLD was on a huge sale, so I registered it for 10 years for basically peanuts.


Yesterday I ran a sub 45 minute 10k πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ and got the keys to my new home πŸ‘πŸ˜„


To be totally honest, not shit right now. I haven't been on a winning streak in like the past couple of weeks and I'm broke as hell, pretty sure I made a terrible decision picking my new job, and I'm dreading starting tomorrow. Can't tell if burnt out or if life's a bitch and then you die. Sorry to kill the vibes but that's keepin it real right now.


Tonight I submitted my final Computing Project and dissertation. It clocked in at 11750 words in the main body... 322 pages when in total :) it was alot of work, about 3MB of bespoke code. I've worked on multi year projects before but I found this to be a whole new beast...Those of you who make a living from technical writing, I certainly don't know how you do it!


My timelapse slider fits that bill 😊
I've designed and 3d printed most of the parts.
I've programmed the arduino myself (with the help of Google search ofc)
And I am currently learning and working on the accompanying android app which is made with flutter.


Creating a distributed workflow engine and open sourcing it: github.com/creactiviti/piper


I wrote a cool AR blog post for Android which can be found here medium.com/dvt-engineering/getting...


After needing a new computer and wanting something that won't crap out in a year or two I finally decided to build my own. After some digging online on what was needed and how to do it, I built a p.c. for the first time! It's lightning fast and I can easily upgrade anything I want, but I may not have to do that for quite some time. I could have built something cheaper that would have gotten me close to the same reliability and performance but I wanted to treat myself since I always have cheaped out and gotten low-range laptops so I figured it's time for some good stuff. Now I can finally do some development work and practice because my laptop could no longer handle an IDE, so I am behind of where I want to be. Below is the build sheet for anyone interested.

Case: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe
Motherboard: MSI MEG Z390 Godlike
CPU: Intel i9-9900k
CPU Cooler: Corsair H150i Pro AIO
GPU: Gigabyte Aorus 2080Ti
RAM: 64 GB GSkill Ripjaws
Storage: Intel 660p 2TB SSD NVMe
Power Supply: EVGA 850 G2


Even though there isn't really anyone using it yet, I'm proud of my library Emoji Button - an emoji picker built with vanilla JS - no frameworks!



I can't show it off, but I finally figured out Entity Framework.

Last two days was me banging my head against it for work, for an ASP.NET webpage. I just could not get the data to show. Then my data would show, but it refused to show any data for any related tables.

Then finally today, about halfway through the day, it all clicked together and the data appeared.

Now it's just a matter of finishing my models.


Welcome to passmefaster.net

Guess I have to be proud of it because it's my first job as a dev! It started life as WordPress and Native (now Standard) AMP.

For a newbie like myself, overcoming the lack of JavaScript for the mobile menu was a bit tricky.

  1. Although it's WordPress, I've still tried to make it as bespoke as possible.
  2. Themify Ultra theme, but using Gutenberg editor rather than Themify Builder.
  3. Performant design - Stackpath, Cloudflare, W3 Total Cache, etc. 0.2-second TTFB on standard hosting.
  4. PWA - simple progressive web app using stock AMP service worker.
  5. Charge monthly rental, but upgrading site for free as my skills improve.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome, guys. Thanks.


It’s a bit weird but I just remembered something small from a long time ago:
I was working on a newsletter template for a restaurant. I recommended sending it around dinner time to be extra relevant to the recipients. Not sure if it actually works but they are still sending it like clockwork more than 5 years later. Mostly proud of them for the killer consistency btw πŸ˜€


This week, the product our team was working on for two years had the go-live. The first go-live for me. Makes me super proud :)


Getting to work on client work at my current Apprenticeship. Learning more as a result!


I'm proud of having followed my long-time dream to live in Japan and be able to speak Japanese and stay there (I've been here for 14 years now).


My website β€”> thedevcoach.co.uk πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


Ehh I'm too modest!


I've been looking at this screen for about 10 minutes. I can't think of anything I'm proud of, even in a small way.