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What’s new in AWS Amplify: Features to Build and Scale Fullstack Apps

AWS Amplify has rolled out several new capabilities for developers building fullstack applications in the last few weeks - I want to share a summary of them. These updates deliver on highly requested community features to simplify development workflows. The embedded tweets all have videos demoing the new features. Let's dive in!

New Code-First Developer Experience

Amplify unveiled a code-first way to develop fullstack apps. Instead of a CLI-driven workflow, you can author application requirements in TypeScript. This includes data models, business logic, and authorization rules. Amplify handles provisioning cloud resources based on your code. This new generation of Amplify is also fully built with the AWS CDK, so extensibility is built in. There’s a lot of new features with this one - I’d highly encourage
you to read the full launch blog!

Server-Side Rendering Deployment Spec

A new spec opens up fully managed SSR hosting on Amplify to frameworks like Nuxt, SvelteKit, Astro, and Express. Adhere to conventions for compute, images, routing, and assets to deploy performant SSR apps.

v6 of the Amplify JavaScript library

Version 6 of the Amplify JS Library brings improvements like smaller bundle sizes, better TypeScript support, and improved Next.js support.

Wildcard Subdomains

Amplify Hosting now allows wildcard subdomains when using custom domains. This unlocks dynamic, per-customer subdomains for SaaS and multi-tenant-like platforms. You can onboard users with unique subdomains like while routing traffic behind the scenes.

Docs, Custom Auth, UI updates, and More

Other launches include custom auth with Amazon Cognito, social login for React Native, Next.js 14 compatibility, upgraded docs, and new UI components.

Together these updates speed up building fullstack applications on AWS. We’d love to hear your feedback as you build! To learn more, visit our docs site!

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