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Pomodoro and ToDo...

So, hey this is Ashutosh Yadav, a Frontend Developer by sunrise and a blogger by sunset...
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On day 7 & 8 of #100DaysOfCode, I made a Pomodoro app and a todo list app both using JavaScript, this can be used to manage both time as well as maintain discipline among the user, from which he/she can track their works by adding tasks in the ToDo and can manage their work by using a Pomodoro technique,
So What is a Pomodoro technique?
---> Pomodoro Technique is the time management technique which is used by many students who are in their teens, in order to manage their work,
A Pomodoro, is a 25:5 minutes techniques,
Eg.. Lets take an example, let's say you are a developer in Google or at any of your dream job destination. You are assigned a task, you don't know how to manage your time, because you get distracted very easily, so how we can overcome this is by using this technique, by concentrating 25 minutes only on assigned task, and after 25 mins, take 5 min rest, continue this cycle for around four times, also keep track by adding todo, and make commitment to yourself, that you'll be completing the listed toDo's in this 25 minutes with no distractions.

For checking out the project I made, here's the link,
---------> GitHub(For code):
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Mohammad Omar Farooq Khan

You created that to-do list from a code from

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ashuydv Author

Yyup, I've it's a tutorial right , so we can practice from there

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Mohammad Omar Farooq Khan

Yess... 😉