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Let's Meditate- Day 1

So, hey this is Ashutosh Yadav, a Frontend Developer by sunrise and a blogger by sunset...
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So, yesterday was my first day of #100DAYSOFCODE, so I tried making an app by watching tutorials of it on youtube channel of his, I'll be updating this app, after getting more into javascript, my today's goal is too make another app/ project using JavaScript. I'll be updating this here.

About Meditation App:

Features of this app:

  1. Has a background video and sounds related to different but natural environment

  2. There is a timer, with the help of which you can meditate according to your busy schedule.

Hope you guyzz like it!!!

Here's my GitHub link:

Discussion (2)

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is there a live version?

ashuydv profile image
ashuydv Author

Yes, check my github