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Pix AI DevLog: Day 3

...Been a long day

Thought I could be done by today ... oh was I mistaken , it has been a pretty annoying day honestly, I don't know if it's cos I wasn't used to detailing axios post requests headers or ....
Alt Text

Anyway after figuring out Calling 5 of the APIs with axios I was left with one more that proved to be daunting.... first I had to figure out how to convert the image to base64 and that became tiring, then after figuring that out I was still having bugs so I decided to give up....(needed a break)

  • Also I plan to share my GitHub repo when it's all done so any questions can be viewed from the code or contact me through my socials.

So anyway all that's left is to get responsiveness and that last API done by tomorrow.

thanks for reading, ✌️

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