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Microsoft OpenAI Security

Greetings my fellow Technology Advocates and Specialists.

This is Chapter #3 of my Data & AI Series based on Microsoft Build AI Day, Switzerland, 2024.

In this Session, I will provide readers, the details which I captured on Microsoft OpenAI Security.


Data And AI with Azure - All in One:-

Greetings to my fellow Technology Advocates and Specialists.

The Objective of this series is to learn as much as possible on Data and AI and in the process help others.

09.05.2024 Recap: Microsoft Build AI Day Switzerland 2024
12.05.2024 Microsoft OpenAI Architecture
12.05.2024 Microsoft OpenAI Security
12.05.2024 Readiness of Organisation for AI Adoption
12.05.2024 Microsoft OpenAI: Errors I Learned

1. AI Pain Points:-
Image description
2. Generative AI Threat Map:-
Image description
3. New Principles for AI Security:-
Image description
4. The way Microsoft Addresses risk from attackers:-
Image description
5. How does Microsoft address risks from the use or misuse of AI:-
Image description
6. Security Control Within AI Systems:-
Image description
7. Threat Modelling Scenarios:-
Image description
8. Threat Mapping Template: Mapping Vulnerabilities with Mitigations:-
Image description
9. Secure AI :-
Image description
10. Security for AI - Ever Evolving Process:-
Image description

Hope You Enjoyed the Session!!!

Stay Safe | Keep Learning | Spread Knowledge

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