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Discussion on: Need some advice, trying to go from NEET to professional...

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Aria Janke Author

Wow, quite a response. Though I can't profess to having nearly the same degree of academic success. It's quite possible that'll I'll do this for months, and never receive feedback. That's not my entire goal for doing this. I'm also doing this to stay sane, and that alone I think would make such an attempt worth it. I can absolutely fail, I know this, it's the way of things and I'd rather go down fighting.

Your mentioning of "failed to maintain my motivation" resonates with me. I've seen all kinds of these sort of "motivational" videos/images or whatever from the "harsh discipline" and the gentle "you can do it" attitudes. I've been finding that in reality what's needed is far more complex than they make it seem. For me, scheduling, "building" from just maintenance of life to doing actual work, knowing my own psychology, changing environments, trying to build habits, and so much more are far more effective.

Hopefully that makes sense, a problem which is complex and all-encompassing requiring a solution which is at least equally complex and all-encompassing seems to make sense to me. I can make like four major decisions and make myself work for two hours at most a day. As less than adequate as that is, I still believe that is something I can build off of, depression is a nasty pit to be in.

It looks like it'll be a long and winding road for me to find that entry point into professional work for me, but I'm not dead yet!

Thanks for your reply and good luck out there friend!