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NPM vs Yarn: A CLI Comparison

Bookmark this article If you are migrating from npm to yarn or viceversa😊.

Here is a list of all commonly used commands in NPM and Yarn:

Command NPM Yarn
Initializing a project npm init yarn init
Running tests for the current package npm test yarn test
Confirming if any package is outdated npm outdated yarn outdated
Publishing a package npm publish yarn publish
Running a script npm run yarn run
Cleaning the local package cache npm cache clean yarn cache clean
Logging in and out npm login (logout) yarn login (logout)
Installing dependencies npm install yarn
Installing packages npm install [package-name] yarn add [package-name]
Uninstalling packages npm uninstall [package-name] yarn remove [package-name]
updating npm update yarn upgrade
updating package npm update [package-name] yarn upgrade [package-name]
Installing package globally npm install --global [package-name] yarn global add [package-name]
Uninstalling package globally npm uninstall --global [package-name] yarn global remove [package-name]
Interactively updating dependencies npm run upgrade-interactive yarn upgrade-interactive
Running packages without downloading npx yarn dlx
Checking licenses of dependencies N/A yarn licenses ls


In most cases, you will only need some of these commands. However, Getting an idea of all of these commands is always a plus point. This list will help you remember easily and in migrating for you and your teams. If you feel I forgot any essential commands, please let me know in the comment section.
Thanks for reading this article from start to end. I will see you all in my next article👨‍💻.

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