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Release 0.2 - PR #3

Issue I worked on

I worked on the project once again.

When I was working on my second pull request, I found it very difficult to read the project's file. The instructions were not very clear to me and there were moderate grammar errors througout the document.

So, I opened an issue, #70, to make some imrpovements to the project's

Preparation for the fix

There was not much preparation required for this fix apart from my usual workflow actions - i.e. forking the repo and making a branch for the issue.

Code Explanation

There was no code involved in this fix. I provided documentation improvement to the repository for this PR.

As such, I've provided URLs to the repo's file prior to my changes and also after my changes.

Before the fix

This is the original file from before my changes.

After the fix

Here is the file after my changes.


As this was a documentation improvement, minimal research into programming topics was necessary.

I did some reading on embedding video files in webpages via HTML and compared my research material to the instructions provided in the project's documentation just to ensure I was understanding code correctly.

Interactions with project maintainers

I did not have any notable interactions with the project maintainers.


Improving the documentation was difficult at first since I found it very unclear initially. However, as I familiarized myself more with the project, it became clearer to me what the developers were trying to say in the

Link to Pull Request

PR #73

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