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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Web Hosting Provider.

Searching for the perfect Web Hosting service for your website is often an exhausting and overwhelming process. Therefore it's always important to do proper research about what kind of services are needed for your website and the quality of the services provided by the hosting company.

Therefore in this guide, We will show you what common mistakes you should avoid while hiring a web hosting service provider. Following listed are the seven mistakes to avoid when choosing your Web hosting provider:

1. Using a free hosting service
Free hosting services are appealing to hear but don't work that well for managing business websites. They may be good enough for a blog or community website but not for professional websites. Moreover, a free hosting service provider is not tied down to cater to all the customer's needs as you've not paid anything.
Free hosting services are always lacking in various departments, such as
● Speed
Free hosting services often provide low-Speed servers, which affect the traffic on your website. Every second counts; slow speed results in more time for the website to load.

● Performance
Free hosting services often provide very little uptime resulting in lagging and decreased visitors. Also, paid hosting services are available with a wide variety of other services like SEO, management, and updates, which are unfortunately not always available in free hosting services.

● Security
Security is one of the main concerns When browsing online.
Free hosting service providers do not secure your website From security breaches. Even if they do, the level of the service provided is very low.

● Customer support
The customer support provided by free hosting service providers is often minimal or zero. You cannot ask for queries or complaints if you are not provided with a good customer support service.

2. Choosing a Hosting package without any refund
Most people buy hosting plans in haste and without proper research.

But if you have a money-back guarantee, you can apply for a refund if you are not satisfied with the Services provided or if you've bought a different plan by mistake. When we look at some good Hosting service providers, most of them provide us with 30-days money-back guarantee, while some even offer a 90-days money-back guarantee. The Service provides without any money return guarantee is already shady enough to avoid.

3. Ignoring security
Security is important nowadays with the Increasing cybercrimes. Many malware and hackers out there on the internet threaten your website, site visitors, and subscribers. People can now easily steal data from Websites if they are not provided proper protection.

4. Buying solely based on price
Most people buy plans based on price, be it high or low. If you want to buy a plan, it's important to read about all the services it offers and the quality of the Services provided.

People generally think that costly things are always good but
Sometimes you are heavily charged for lesser services or low-quality services. It is a generalized statement that low-cost Service Provides' Services are not good or up to date, but sometimes Lower costing plans can fit your requirements better.

5. Choosing the wrong hosting type
It's important to make clear the type of hosting service you require. Your website's requirements should match with the Services provided. People often buy a generalized plan, but different departments have different requirements, so it's important to select accordingly.

6. Failing to Check online reviews
People generally do not consider the online reviews posted by users to choose the plans accordingly. Reading reviews gives us an overview of the product and is important and helps decide good plans.

When people share their experiences, it gives us a rough idea about the working efficiency and quality of the Services provided.

7. Not testing the customer support.
It's important to test

Customer support is essential for any good Hosting service providing company. Not everyone knows the internet and website management and often has a variety of doubts and queries about the working of the services. A good hosting service provider has 24X7 active customer support to deal with your queries.

It's always better to test the customer support beforehand. A good service provider will not hesitate to clear your doubts as a good impression is also a form of marketing.

In this digital age, it's hard to find trustworthy Services. Nowadays, it's very easy to lose data and important information on the web because of small Mistakes. It's always a difficult task to find reliable service providers. Still, if you do not Make the above-listed Mistakes, you can certainly get a reliable and trustworthy hosting service provider.

Is it safe to use a hosting web service?
Whether Web hosting is safe or not depends upon your service provider. You should always avoid shady-looking web hosting providers that offer free hosting or High-end facilities at very low prices as they can be a fraud and steal data and information.

Can I host my website?
Yes, one can always host their site with proper knowledge, energy, and time. But Hosting by oneself can be tiring, and it usually takes time, leaving less time for other core business requirements. Therefore hosting providers are hired in the first place as they help manage and secure your website with efficiency.

Is free hosting good?
Free hosting can work if you use it for a community website, as a hobby, or for basic blogs. But it's not reliable to use for professional or business websites.

The service provider is not obliged to serve you the best facilities in free hosting and answer your doubts and queries because you've not paid anything. Moreover, free hosting providers often lack speed, performance, customer support, and security.

Therefore it's advised to avoid free hosting providers as they are unsafe, lacking in Services, and May steal your data and information.

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