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Managing versions of OpenTofu, Terraform and TerraGrunt with tenv and DOP

DevOps Pass AI and Terraform, Terragrunt, Tofu

Hey folks, its DevOps Pass AI again, and today we’ll tell you about new plugin released last week, to manage Terraform, Terragrunt and Tofu versions on your local.

Why not TFEnv?

First of all lets explain why not tfenv —, which many of you mb already uses for Terraform versions management.

There is multiple reasons: first of all it doesnt support Windows and means not universal for all platforms and second one it doesnt support OpenTofu, which is weird if not say stupid…

What is tenv

tenv ( is a part of OpenTofu utils, which allowing you to manage installed versions of Terraform, Tofu and Terragrunt. Also it supports Linux, MacOS and Windows in the same way and has bunch of packages for different platforms and distros.

And we did pretty nice integartion with DevOps Pass AI which allowing you to install tenv and manage tools from UI.

tenv integration in DevOps Pass AI

After adding Terraform app in DOP, you can install “tenv” and manage tools, make some version active or remove it.

TBH, that’s it, we did it simple for you ;)

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Thanks for this article. Your integration is amazing :)

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DevOps Pass AI

Thanks a lot!