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Twilio Developer Evangelist. JavaScripter and Pythonist. Painter of algorithms. they/them.

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Developer Evangelist at Twilio


Fighting Imposter Syndrome With IoT, with Tilde Thurium

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Sending a SMS from Gatsby with serverless functions and React

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Writing to Airtable from a Twilio serverless function

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Using Airtable as a database for your Twilio app

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Forwarding SMS and voice calls to an alternate phone number

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Queueing Emails With Python, Redis Queue And Twilio SendGrid

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Sending Bulk Emails With Twilio SendGrid and Python

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Conducting Practice Technical Interviews For PoC: Year End Retrospective

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How To Network With Event Sponsors As A Junior Engineer

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Sending Bulk Emails 3 Ways With Twilio SendGrid And Node.js

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SMS Affirmations With Twilio And Flic Buttons

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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting A Software Engineering Role That Involves On Call Duties

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Fighting Impostor Syndrome With Twilio Internet of Things

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SMS Code Of Conduct Reporting with Twilio Studio and Slack

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