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TIL - Wireframe & Mobile First (Responsive Design)

A Wireframe

is in general very simple, black and white, and graphically neutral. It indicates where each essential element of the future site is positioned (here a navigation bar, there a carousel, here a link to a product page, there a title...).

Difference Between Wireframe, Mockup and Prototype

Fidelity Cost Use General traits
Wireframe Low Fidelity $ Documentation, quick communication Sketch, black, white & grey representation of the interface Sketch, black, white & grey representation of the interface
Prototype Middle to High Fidelity $$$ User testing, reusable backbone of the interface Interactive
Mockup Middle to High Fidelity $$ Gathering feedback and getting buy-in from stakeholders Static visualization


vector drawing software like inkscape, or the editing software Gimp, (in the Google suite) or or MockFlow

Mobile First?- Responsive Design

allows you to create only one version of a web application, which automatically adapts to the various screen sizes.
Desktop vs. Mobile: Three Key Website Design Differences

Templates for Ecommerce, Pricing Page, Landing Page, Blog Page

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