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How to write a resume for an AWS Cloud Job in 2022

How do you write a resume that will increase your chances of landing a cloud role?

If you're applying to a job in the Cloud Computing industry, it is important for you to write a strong resume to showcase your skills and experiences.

so how do you write a resume that will get you hired into a cloud role there's already tons of articles out there that offer free
resume advice but when it comes to applying specifically to a technical role in the cloud computing industry whether that be a solutions architect role or a cloud engineer role there are certain things to keep in mind to really help your resume stand out.

in this article i'll be mapping out a step-by-step guide on how you can build a resume that will help you increase your chances of
landing a job in the cloud make sure you stay until the end of this article because i'll be sharing the top resume mistakes that i've seen people make when applying to a technical cloud role.

now speaking of resumes if you're looking for a simple resume template photo has over a thousand designs available ranging from
modern creative and simple styles these templates come with pre-made layouts and you can customize the fonts images and designs of the pages you can see that these templates provide a skeleton for you to work with and all you have to do is fill in the text by writing down your own details skills and experiences to get started with building a resume using photo for free you can click on the link in the end of this article below that directs straight to the photo resume builder.

so when it comes to any resume employers typically look for these three things first of all does your resume align with the job requirements second of all does your resume tell a coherent story and thirdly is your resume formatted in a way that's easy to scan through now let's talk about these points in more detail and dive into some actionable steps that you can take before applying to a technical cloud role.

a recruiter's number one goal when looking at your resume is to figure out whether you're a well-suited candidate for the role the skills and qualifications required really varies depending on the job you're applying for which means you must tailor your resume
based on the job description.

for example if you're applying to an aws internship the level of experience required on your resume is a lot less compared to if you're applying for a senior cloud architect role the first thing to do is analyze the job description scan for keywords and highlight the skills you have next put in the most relevant experiences onto your resume make sure you include the company role title and how long you are there for,

now the secret here is to take the keywords from the job description and integrate it into your experiences because according to a study published recently recruiters only spend
an average of 6.25 seconds looking through your resume so by clearly showing them that your skills match up with the job description they're much more likely to progress you to the
interview stage.

now a common question i get asked is what if i don't have any experience right now and what if the skills listed don't match up with the skills that i have there are two potential reasons for this reason number one you're applying to a job that is an entry level and requires specific industry experience in this case i recommend looking at more beginner-friendly roles for example jobs
that have associate graduate or intern.

in the title potential reason number two is that it's too early for you to be applying to cloud roles although i would recommend applying to jobs even if you're at the start of your cloud learning journey it might be more worthwhile for you to firstly focus on building your cloud skills and knowledge.

this could be through studying for any of your certifications or working on cloud projects okay so now that your resume aligns with the job requirements how do you make sure that this resume is able to tell a coherent story a resume that tells a story is much more engaging to the recruiter and it gives them an opportunity to connect with you before the interview actually happens every story has a beginning middle and end so don't be afraid to show recruiters where your journey started and what you're looking to achieve did you study in university or did you go straight to the
workplace everyone's situation is different and it's all about how you're able to use your unique experiences and accomplishments to your advantage.

now how do you do this firstly order your experiences in a way that makes sense i included my education at the top followed by work experiences and then university experiences when it comes to
writing dot points about your previous roles make sure you don't just copy and paste the job description of what you did instead you want to be highlighting your achievements and talk about the
skills you learned.

a resume that tells a story will help spark the curiosity of the recruiter to find out more about you so make sure you spend some time reflecting on your previous experiences and thinking about how they all relate to each other.

okay so this is a pretty straightforward one but also one that people don't really tend to take very seriously all you have to do is make sure you keep your resume to one page make sure that it's formatted correctly with no typos and grammatical errors it would also be helpful for you to get a family member or friend to help read through your resume to see if there's any small errors because sometimes these areas are pretty harmless.

but other times for example if you write the wrong phone number or email address it makes it impossible for the recruiter to get back
to you okay so before i share the top resume mistakes i've seen people make when applying to a technical cloud role i wanted to let you know about two things.

a lot of you have been reaching out asking for one-on-one career guidance so since the beginning of this year i've opened up some time in my calendar to do one-on-one mentoring course where i help
people land a job in the cloud industry.

now here are the top three resume mistakes i've seen the first mistake is making up job titles and faking your experience one example of this is if someone attended a cloud practitioner boot camp and got their aws cloud practitioner certification that doesn't automatically make them an aws cloud practitioner.

being an aws cloud practitioner actually isn't really a real role so you shouldn't be listing that under your work experiences you
should still include this certification onto your resume but make sure you put it under the skills and certification section the next mistake is attempting the one-size-fits-all approach this is
pretty much the opposite of tailoring your resume when you try to develop a generic resume to apply to all the jobs.

you're interested in you're showing employees you have experience in general but that doesn't show them you're necessarily a good fit for the job that they're hiring for the final resume mistake that i've seen people make which is something i also mentioned earlier is poor design and formatting i've seen resumes that are very cluttered and have no spaces in between the different sections making sure you have a clean looking layout is actually so important.

because you want the person to scan your resume to be focusing on your experiences. alright so this brings us to the end of this article thank you for reading and please give this article a like if you got something out of it if you'd like to read more articles like this make sure you have shared this articles with your friends.

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