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Our Complete Review of Will an AWS Certification get me a Job in 2022?

Is an AWS Certification enough to get you a job?

In this article, I explain why having AWS Certifications alone is not enough to get you a job - and what you need to do to ACTUALLY land a role in the Cloud Computing Industry

will an aws certification get me an idioms job now this is the question i've been asked over and over again ever since i started writing article on how to pass different adverse certifications if you google how to get a job in cloud computing it doesn't take
long for you to realize that every second person is recommending getting a certification but is an aws certification alone enough to get your job the short answer is no.

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unfortunately an aws certification by itself will not guarantee your job at aws but there's some things you can do on top of that to help you maximize your chances of landing that job if you're new to this page welcome my name is Ankit and today i'll be explaining why getting an aws certification by itself won't get you a database job but also what you can do on top of that to help you get there before we get started please make sure you give
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if you'd like to see more articles. like this article , i am already written articles on different topics like how to land a job in AWS, Article on how to pass different adverse certifications and now aws certifications are a pretty big investment to set an exam you have to pay anywhere between 100 to 300 USD not to mention all the long hours needed to prepare for the exam.

that's why it definitely doesn't come as a surprise that the most frequently asked question is if i obtain an aws certification and put it on my resume will it get me the job that i want.

let's have a look at a typical associate solutions architect job at aws and work backwards from the job description if we take a look at the basic and preferred qualifications you can see that both soft skills and technical skills are required this means that
during the interviews you won't just be assessed on your technical skills they will also be asking questions to figure out how well you work in a team environment and more specifically if you apply to a job at aws they will also ask you questions based off of amazon's 16 leadership principles and this is the case with most jobs in the tech industry.

the interviews will never be 100 focused on assessing your technical capabilities unfortunately a nativist certification doesn't really help you build up your soft skills so this is something you have to get elsewhere but zooming into the technical skills you can see that one of the basic qualifications is to have knowledge in one or more of the following so you can see there's cloud architecture solutions architecture systems design software development and as a preferred qualification they mentioned that they'll like to see you have experience implementing a cloud-based technology solution in a college project or while working for a company and this is something where an aws certification won't directly help.

through studying for an adb certification the next step for you could be to implement a cloud project so as you can see from the basic and preferred qualification an aws certification does seem like a step in the right direction in helping you get started it really does provide a good starting point but at the end of the day an 80 certification is a multiple choice exam.

the good thing though about studying for adb certifications is you probably have to follow video courses and hands-on lab exercises to get that practical experience in order for you to pass that multiple choice exam and as a result the practice that you get from doing those hands-on exercises can really help push you forward in starting your own cloud project and the cloud project that you start is something that you can showcase to employers to really help you stand out so what i'm trying to say is an awf certification is a really really good starting point for you to
build up your foundations and understand aws services but having an aws certification by itself doesn't really show employers that you'll be able to work in the real world environment and actually help customers come up with a cloud solution.

so here comes the question what can i do on top of getting an aws certification to increase my chances of getting an aws job i'll be covering this topic in more detail in a later article so make sure you share to this article with your friends, to stay
updated but to give you an overview here are some ways to help you stand out and maximize your chances of getting a job.

in the cloud industry so the first one as i mentioned is cloud projects when you study for certifications you might have followed along with hands-on tutorials that get you to become more familiar with the aws console and adibus core services but i'd recommend taking this a step further to create your own cloud project with the help of aws documentation and existing projects on github if you want the project to be more relevant and useful for others you
could help your friends host their websites on aws or even offer your services on freelance websites like fiverr this will help you become more confident with your technical skills.

also showing companies you have hands-on experience with aws another way to stand out is by attending community meetups and networking events where you can meet others around you who are also interested in aws and the cloud industry this will help you stay motivated and you can also share job opportunities and resources with each other you can go onto to search for these events or you can join our cloudbytes community which is a group i started to bring together.

my third and final tip is to prepare for interviews as soon as you can many people i speak to want to focus on getting aws certifications first and then practicing their interview skills
but getting better at interviews is definitely something that takes time so please make sure you do that alongside your certification study also keep in mind the point i mentioned earlier that interviews will be a mix of technical and non-technical questions.

so please don't forget to prepare for both all
right so this brings us to the end of this article thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions please drop them in the comments below.

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