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Doodle Jump in JavaScript (video)

ania_kubow profile image Ania Kubow ・1 min read

Hello Everyone! As seen recently on, I made a video on how to make Two Millenial Games in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Here is the Doodle Jump game walkthrough from that video. Hope you enjoy it!

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Video Content:
⌨️ (00:00) Introduction
⌨️ (01:54) Introduction to Doodle Jump
⌨️ (01:56) Doodle Jump game logic
⌨️ (03:34) Setting up our game
⌨️ (07:37) Creating our doodler
⌨️ (12:02) Creating our platforms
⌨️ (15:02) Creating our Platform Class
⌨️ (19:53) Moving our platforms
⌨️ (23:12) Making our doodler jump
⌨️ (22:40) Making our doodler fall
⌨️ (27:21) Writing our game over logic
⌨️ (30:54) Hooking up our keyboard keys
⌨️ (38:21) Making our doodler go left and right
⌨️ (44:57) Removing and adding new platforms using array work
⌨️ (48:49) Removing all children of the grid using a while loop
⌨️ (49:41) adding the score



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