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4 Bot Programming Games for Sogetti CodeFest 2021

If you know me, you know I love a Coding Competition. And if it's about video games 🎮, well you better believe I am here for it!! To make CodeFest accessible to everyone, I thought I would show you how to get you started with 4 games that I would pick to enter the competition, as well as share advise on how to tackle each of the coding puzzles.

In this video I show you how to start off a game of:

Tron Battle in JavaScript

I chose this game as I was familiar with the concept. It is a puzzle game in which you 'steer' your laser light to try and trap the other player. To win this game it is suggested to use a flood-fill algorithm, a Voronoï-based method, a pathfinding algorithm or Minimax.

I, this short clip, I show you how to get the game started, and what to focus on in order to get coding.

Connect Four in JavaScript

I chose Connect Four as a game to help you potentially win CodeFest2021 as I have actually built a game of Connect Four for my own channel in Javascript. Training the game's AI is a completely different challenge however. In this short video I show you how to get started in creating the game and explain that your first move is how to game essentially 'kicks off'

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe in JavaScript

In this Bot Programming game you are asked to play a game of nine tic-tac-toe games, in order to try get three games in a row, to complete an outer game that is being played (very meta!). This bot programming game is great as it requires you to try use algorithms such as Minimax, Alpha-beta, Negamax and Monte Carlo Tree-Search.

Coders Strike Back in JavaScript

The rules to this game are pretty simple - race against the opponent and win! I show you how to control the racers speed and trajectory to get you started.

Good Luck!!!!

more information here:

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