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Aneeqa Khan
Aneeqa Khan

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You Have The Power To Empower Others

As we celebrate Women's History Month, I feel compelled to share my reflections on the occasion.

How can we actively embrace equality in the tech industry?

In my view, true equality will stem from within the industry's culture. Organizations must cultivate a culture that champions equality.
This can be achieved by organizations comprehensively understanding and embodying the values of equality and disseminating these values from upper management to every employee.

What do you perceive as the primary obstacles to achieving gender equity in tech?

About ten years ago in my community, it wasn't okay for women to work in offices. Some families supported their daughters' ambitions, but the hostile/unfriendly atmosphere in offices often discouraged them.
Things have changed since then, but in the tech industry, many still believe that women aren't good or talented enough for tech jobs, except for a small number of women.

Looking ahead, what are your hopes and aspirations for gender equity in tech?

I'm very hopeful. I believe that in the future, more people will grasp the importance of gender fairness and enforce it firmly.
However, it will only succeed if younger generations learn about it and see real-life examples around them.

What effective strategies do you employ to advocate for gender equity and diversity in your workplace or community?

At work, I offer opportunities and believe in others' ideas, supporting them and giving them the encouragement they require.
I also discuss and address gender equality issues others may be experiencing and support them by sharing their concerns within my professional network.

Have you faced instances of bias or discrimination at work? If so, what was the experience like?

During a recent job interview, the interviewer inquired about my marital status, to which I confirmed that I was married. However, during the discussion about my skills, the interviewer abruptly asked, "What do you do besides taking care of your husband?" followed by laughter. I was caught off guard by this question, finding it inappropriate for the context of the interview.

I've experienced discrimination like this before, from being paid less because of my gender to hearing sexist jokes. I've also seen women being assigned menial tasks in meetings and being replaced by male colleagues. I used to stay quiet about these things, but now I speak up and address these issues.

Let's continue to raise awareness and take decisive steps towards achieving gender equity in tech.

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This was such an inspirational post! Hope to see more posts like this on Dev! :)

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Aneeqa Khan

Thank you for your kind words.

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Michelle Mello

Thank you for your post. You are really strong! Such a powerful post. Hope to hear more about you here in

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Aneeqa Khan

Thank you for being so supportive!