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Aneeqa Khan
Aneeqa Khan

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Nevertheless, Aneeqa Coded in 2021!

I wanted to write about this topic for so long but didn't find time to do it but today I want to write about my experience and achievements from last year.

So we all know that 2020 was a pandemic year and we spent our all-time at home because of quarantine.
In the start, I loved working from home because it saved me from traveling. Do not get me wrong I love traveling but it is very tiring as well.

After a month I started feeling overburden because I was not able to schedule my things properly. I was working straight 12 hours in a day and sometimes at midnight too. It affected my health, my hobbies, and my routine. But I challenged myself to make it all better. And that's also Women's Day 2021 theme #ChooseToChallenge.

How I overcome it

  • First I strictly focused on starting my day early so I can end early and give my 100% productivity in core office hours by not engaging in social media from my phone and laptop in the morning. It really helped.
  • I also started evening walks around my house so I don't stick to my workspace all the time. It was hard at the start but I got a habit of it after few weeks.
  • I started checking out tech blogs here in my spare time. It gave me the motivation to work on my own projects.
  • I used Trello board for my weekdays and weekend activities. It helped me organize my hobbies and tasks and also it's a lot of satisfaction in seeing done tasks.


  • My probation got cleared and they awarded me with the "Hard-working" employee title.
  • I learned and practiced a lot of different libraries for my react-native projects.
  • I learned next.js with styled-components and now on a way to learning Typescript.
  • My blogs got 38k+ views here with 500+ followers. I am very thankful for this community. ❤️
  • I wrote one blog per month since March 2020, I consider it as an achievement (altho I wasn't able to write it last month 😞)
  • I got a trusted user role in platform. 🎉
  • I created and decorated my own dreamy and cozy workspace. 😍
  • Also got gifts from my current office by fulfilling my role in my team and organizing fun events for all employees.

Alt Text

here is my workspace ✨


I want to thank you all for supporting me and motivating me to follow my dreams. My advice for women in tech is to keep creating and keep following their dreams. Let your dreams be your wings.

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ruannawrites profile image

Love your work setup!

aneeqakhan profile image
Aneeqa Khan

Thank you Ruanna!

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Zubair Mohsin

That workspace is 👌 Thanks for sharing your story. More power to women in tech.

aneeqakhan profile image
Aneeqa Khan

Thank you Zubair!