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Flyer Design

Hi everyone I haven't written anything in like a week or two so I wanted to tell a story about a flyer design I did this week.

I have a friend that is starting a new tutoring service to help kids get ahead before going to kindergarten. I'm not sure if it's just for the local kids in the community or others but I thought it was a cool and noble idea. I was happy that she was doing something she enjoyed. We need more teachers and our kids need more help in school, so seeing this brought a smile to my face. She created a flyer so she could attract more people for her service. The flyer was fun and kid-friendly but it was all over the place and not professional. You really couldn't tell what was going on if you saw it from afar. I know in this digital age you probably would only post them on social media but even then the flyer was crowded and it would take some time to decipher.

I saw it and in a fit of desperation went to my handy dandy Figma tool and got to work. I know she tried her best when she made her version of the flyer but it was not at all what it could have been and should be. I didn't tell her I started on a new design because I didn't know how she would take it. Maybe she would have thought that I was insulting her hard work. I was nervous but determined to make the flyer. I thought of something professional but also fun. Creating a flyer is something anyone can do but conveying a message in a strategic but simple way is not.

Using the right background, utilizing the right font and working with whitespace is something you have to be cognitive of when designing anything. It didn't take me that long to get a good idea on the page. I finished it by the end of the day and sent it off hoping she wouldn't yell at me. She saw it and the first thing she said was: "WOW! Where did you find this?!" as though I had shown her someone was stealing her idea. I explained that no one had stolen her idea rather I wanted to help out and I had remade her flyer to be more professional.

Suddenly she was excited and happy with the changes. She said she liked it and I was glad I could help her. I created this flyer for KinderPrep Academy and just wanted to share it. Let me know what you think of the design. Check it out here

Thanks for reading.

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J. Djimitry Rivière

Maybe darken the background a bit, because the white font lost a bit of readability because of the low contrast. Other than that, I wouldn't change it too much. I would also personally put more emphasis on the dialog on the left side (increased font size, maybe bold some keywords). I'd increase the box with the price a bit.

Also, you're advertising a service, so I'd put a call to action with the phone number and/or email in big font size. Other than that, I'd play with placement and rhythm of the elements on the page and see what's more liked.

Hope it helps. God bless.