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Portfolio Progression

So for the past week, I have been working on a new design of my portfolio. So from the layout of the site and color scheme to the copy text, I want to broadcast and the projects I want to show off. The difficulty in placing each item in the precise way to make sure you stand out when others are viewing the site. Hoping that you have enough projects to showcase and that they are good enough to get you that first developer role.

It has been a hard time doing this, considering hurricane Dorine knocking out the power for almost 4 days. You will never know how gifted we are to have the technology we have. Electricity, Air conditioning, Netflix; we are truly lucky. Try to imagine you're trying to conserve on the power you have just to make a little adjustment to something that may or may not get you a job in a field you love and admire. Trying so hard to get every detail correct no matter how small.

Check out the full page here:

Now imagine not doing that because you have to make sure your 2-year-old has her baby sharks. Making sure she is safe and happy through this situation even though she doesn't understand or even care about what is going on. I would rather make sure she is okay than to work on anything. But now that she is safe and we have the power, I am back at it with fierceness and focus. I have gotten far enough in the mockup to post the landing page. I love the design I have and will be keeping it.

If you have gotten this far into this post thanks for reading. If you can I would love your feedback and opinion on the mockup, all are welcome.

きをつけて。 - Take care.

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