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In our 3rd lesson of osdc we learnt how to work locally. Our assignment was to work locally on windows, clone our GitHub website, make some changes and push back to the main repo.
I installed git on my windows laptop, and opened git bash.
In the terminal I wrote:
in .ssh/ I found a paired-key, public and private.
cat .ssh/ and place in GitHub - go to my profile setting-> SSH and GPG keys-> new SSH key. give it a title, paste the key and press 'Add SSH key'.
Now I can go to my repository on GitHub, press the green "code" button on the upper right corner, copy the SSH one and do 'git clone copied SSH address' in the terminal.
Doing this on my local git bash, allowed me to clone the repo.

But...It only worked when I defined driver C as my home directory and worked without VPN.

I could now add a file named "test_locally.txt" to the docs folder, and than do:

git status
git add test_locally.txt
git commit -m "test working locally"
git push
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It works!

But than my pull request failed. I don't know why )-:

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Alex M. Schapelle

it seems that pipeline is missing your TOKEN, you can see it in actions log here

anatlavitzkovitz profile image

thanks! just saw your reply now. Gabor fixed it already

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