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Using open source libraries/frameworks with Real Clients.

On the previous weeks we’ve been working on a project developed for a real client, one of the most important things that I’ve learned on my first experience with a client was time management. On this project we worked with React js which is an open source library as Material UI.

Challenges when you contribute to an Open source project

The first time I tried to contribute to an open source project I didn’t know they have guidelines, there you can find how to start contributing. Open source projects are managed by big communities, but there’s also people who works full time as open source contributor this people usually are the ones who approve the pull requests.

Normally you have to look at the open issues, try to reproduce it on your computer and start working on a solution. But also you have to communicate on the github thread issue that you are currently working on a solution or that you’re interested on solving it. This is how you’re going to be assigned to that issue, and let everyone know that you’re currently solving it.

In case you decided to skip the thread conversation, what can happen is that anyone else solve it first and then you found out that the issue is closed. That’s why it is important to have communication when you’re working on a open source project.

On this week, I’ll be working on open source projects and learning more about solving issues, develop new features. This week I decided to start solving a Material UI issue related to style component and margins I’ll update you if I find a solution.
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