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Amey Sunu
Amey Sunu

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Alleviate, Daily Blog and Relaxation app- Part 2

From the previous week's workflow, there are massive changes done to the UI and working of the app. New technologies and frameworks have been added to the app, namely:

  • Cloud Firestore
  • Google Authentication
  • Google Speech to Text API
  • Sound Stream

Cloud Firestore

Cloud Firestore is used to store all user details, right from blog to voice notes, and for faster retrieval and display of data, if the user needs any.

Google Authentication

This will be used to create Sign-in with Google feature, for seamless logging in without hassle. One-tap formula to get away right into the app has always proved to be really powerful, especially when it comes to creating an account and then signing in, which definitely isn't really a great thing for the user to do.

Google Speech to Text API

One of the best Speech to Text API, in my opinion. This will be used to convert voice notes into text on the app, and with the power of GCP, the API is also capable of taking input from more than 20 languages.


Home Page

Alt Text
The Home Page displays "Daily Moods" along with a motivational quote.

Weekly Analysis

Alt Text

Analysis of data based on user mood is displayed for better orientation and understanding

Voice Blogs

Alt Text

Using live speech to text converter to get values as a text instead of having to type it all. Speaking out feelings is considered more effective than writing it.


Alt Text

The usual blogging mechanism.

I really hope to complete the app by next week and then completely focus on deploying it to Digital Ocean.

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