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Amey Sunu
Amey Sunu

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Alleviate, Daily Blog and Relaxation app

As human beings, we tend to vent out on the smallest of issues and even have a lot of mood swings. Hence, I decided to make Alleviate, a daily journal/blog app that would stay personally with you. Users can add their daily life, as a blog that would stay just personally with you. This could be shared with a therapist if you'd like and this would definitely help users overcome any sort of phobia or stress that you might be facing, as it would more likely for therapists to help you if you write it down as a blog or a journal while it's still fresh in your mind.


  • Users shall be greeted and displayed with a daily motivational quote. Though many people do not read such quotes, it is highly observed that it somehow does get in your head deep down, somewhere we all don't even realize and know.

  • Users can set reminders if they like within the app, and they would be reminded 15 minutes prior to the actual time so that users are somewhat prepared mentally.

  • Users can add their daily blogs, via text as well as also using their microphone. It is more likely observed that speaking your emotions out really helps in comparison to texting.

  • Users also have the provision to add their daily mood, and statistical data will be generated based on the user's mood per week.


The entire app will be developed on Flutter and Firebase for Google Sign-in and Cloud Firestore. For the voice recorder feature, Google Speech to Text API will be used, for faster and efficient conversion of speech into text.

First Week

  • The initial boilerplate code was recognized and analyzed along with the needs of API, tools, and the code.
  • The login screen was ditched and replaced with a Sign-in Google feature for better user experience and better security.
  • The blog part, along with the home screen and Speech to Text API was somewhat a tougher process, but however completed it within a week's time.

Stay tuned for next week's progress.

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