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Create a React App

React is an open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components.

There are many ways to create a new React App, but in my opinion using Vite is currently the best way to do it.

First step is to download the LTS version Node.js from


If you have already done this before you can check your node version in your terminal.

node --version
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If this is working for y'all we can move on to using Vite!

First run the command below and follow the prompts

npm create vite@latest
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This is roughly what it should look like

You have successfully created a React app. Now let's test it by running the following commands.

cd <Your-Project-Name>
npm install 
npm run dev
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After running these in your terminal, open the localhost link in your browser and you should see your React-Vite app running!


Hope you liked this post and learned how to create your first React-Vite App!

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