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More time, less focus 20 DAYS in complete LOCKDOWN!

My Story In Lockdown

It's my 20th day at home in complete lock down where am currently located. I started out motivated and exited to work on projects ideas and backlog that I don't usually have time for.

Half way through the lockdown, on the 10th day to be specific. I started to lose focus and motivation to code or do any work, it wasn't because of lack of time, or any external source of stress for sure. The feeling lasted about 4-5 days, with no energy or motivation to do anything, so I ended up eating more and watching stuff (not tech), in a few days my brain adapted again and got motivated to continue working with great level of energy and motivation.

Take Away

The reason am sharing this is because I realized that some people are located in different parts of the world where the complete lock down just started, if you face the same issue within first 10 days of stay home full time. Don't worry! the good news is that you will be fine a few days later. So don't feel bad about it, just sit back and enjoy the time away from the work until you feel like jumping back in with full power.

How are you feeling ?

What is your experience coding in lock down ? how many days have you been at home and how are you feeling? Would love to hear about others experiences working as developers during lock down.

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Ivelin Ivanov

Working from home has never been the issue for me. But working from home with little kids jumping out in front of my camera during every conference call is a new challenge. Same as you, it took me about 10 days to get used to it and stay focused on topic. It helped that in every call there is someone else with kids that do the same. It is not clear if the calls are more productive or just hilarious. Ask again in 10 days.