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Arepl stats for 2018

See last post for june here

Q: How many people use AREPL now?

Around 40 a week. This has increased significantly from last time, largely due to increased SEO by altering my title. Just a two-word change to my title (AREPL for python) caused the popularity to skyrocket. In fact, AREPL is now the #2 extension when searching for python.

Q: What nationality are the users?

This is a lot more diverse than last graph! Seriously, read my last post and the difference is insane. US has gone from being the majority of the users to a small minority, and not even the largest minority at that. China and UK are both expected presences — but Brazil beating India and Japan really suprised me. That might be a outlier — brazil useage has gone down in 2019. I haven’t heard of brazillians having a big tech sector but brazillians feel free to correct me!

Looking at this graph makes me realize how US-centric I am. In retrospect, US being the minority is obvious. Also, special shout-out to the one user in Syria! Civil war ain’t gonna stop you from programming!

Q: How often does a person use AREPL each week?

for July, August, and September:

Heavy users: 32 (1%) have used it ten or more times. This is about once a week or more.

Light users: 227 (60%) have used it two to ten times. That’s a couple times a month at most.

Once only users: 121(32%) have used it only once.

The 1% conversion rate from newcomers to heavy users could definitely be improved. It’s not terrible — google drive only has a .5% conversion rate from free → paid users, for example. But compare that with spotify, and you can see that I have a lot of catching up to do.

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AREPL in 2018 was still very buggy — I’m hoping to see a rise in % heavy users with my bugfixes in 2019.

Q: Has the error telemetry been helpful so far?

Yes! The telemetry recorded a spike in the number of errors (specifically, people with the wrong python path configured) when I did one of my releases. Unfortunately, I thought this was due to the overall increased usage. It turned out that the mac version was broken due to a casing bug. After I fixed that the number of errors went down.

Q: Any new telemetry logging?

I’m now logging settings so I can if people actually use the settings I offer. For the most part, no. I see that printResultPlacement, showFooter, and whenToExecute are sometimes changed but that’s about it. The only setting that gets frequently changed is python path — but that’s to be expected.

Some final notes:

Q: Where do I install AREPL?

Q: How can I add application insights to my own extension?

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