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It's ok to spend a lot of time on your first game

New game developers or hobbyists game em developers need to understand that it's ok to spend time on their first game , I'm not talking about thr game you make with a tutorial, I'm talking about your real first game , the bigger the project the bigger time spent learning about the engine and crafting , do not be afraid about if you got what it takes just because some people make playable games really fast in game jams or that talented youtuber made a game in 24 hours or a week , I'm personally making my first game in my free time and i already took over 50 hours , not in one sit but on multiple shift across the last year , doing assets and learning the engine , polishing the game takes the same amount of time you spend to make it playable , please understand , learn at your own pace and compare your self to only your pasr self , when you feel it's impossible, cut some corners, be more realistic, it will force you to be more creative, i highly encourage looking for inspiration from other games and it's ok to copy ideas from other games but by coping i mean rhat you take what you think it's good feature and improve it more with your personal touch 😉.

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