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Should you learn web development in 2024?

You did your research, you feel that there is a trap somewhere, trust your gut.

In short, if you want to learn web development as a hobby then yes but to learn web development to get a job is a big no, in 2024 learning web dev has never been easier, but also it has never been this hard to get your first job, this is not because of AI, we are not there yet, this number of tech layoffs you see online is not because of AI yet, do a research on this topic after this, to people who fell in the trap of computer science and already invested time in a collage education, I know we f*** up and the experts recommend to make your own startup or start you own company with people you know as a fallback, you need a team, and keep in mind, you might get a job from an internship or entry position if you find one in a company and you might get your startup running successful or you might end up jobless and homeless, so i recommend listing to your gut and learn another skill as fallback to the fallback, just in case of you not getting a web dev job, in some countries this doesn't apply and in some this is reality.

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