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Happy holidays, and welcome! If you’re reading this, presumably you unwrapped (or watched someone unwrap) a brand new Quest 2 headset during the holidays, you’ve set it up and taken your First Steps, you’ve checked out our tips and tricks for new owners, and now you’re wondering “What’s next?”

That’s where we come in. Below, we’ve put together a list of 23 must-play Quest titles. There are many, many more out there—check out our games-for-exercise list, for instance, or our 2021 and 2022 Holiday Gift Guides. But these 23 (in no particular order) are a great cross-section of what Quest and VR have to offer, whether today’s your first day in the headset or you’re an old-timer looking for something new to play.

From Star Wars to Supernatural, mice to mini golf, and everything in between—check out the full list below, let us know if you have any other must-play games in the comments, and have fun with your new headset!

Note: This list is periodically updated with new game recommendations. Most recently we've added some of 2022's biggest games, including Marvel's Iron Man VR, Among Us VR, BONELAB, Red Matter 2, and NFL PRO ERA.


It’s the game, the myth, the legend: Beat Saber. One of the most popular games on Quest, Beat Saber is a rhythm game phenomenon. Slash through incoming blocks to the beat of the music, swinging your laser sabers up and down and side-to-side to match the cues. It’s almost like an impromptu dance, as you find the flow and start reacting at (what feels like) superhuman speeds. The base game has a catchy soundtrack, but you can always supplement with additional songs from Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, BTS, and other popular artists. And did I mention it’s a fantastic workout as well?

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Even Super Heroes can’t always outrun the past. That’s a reality Tony Stark is forced to confront in Marvel’s Iron Man VR when his former life as an arms dealer comes back to haunt him. The very weapons he designed will be turned against him by Ghost, forcing Stark to decide whether saving himself is worth betraying everything he’s come to believe in. Step into Tony Stark’s iconic armor and master Iron Man’s unique flight and fighting capabilities as you confront Ghost’s army over Stark Mansion, in Shanghai, and around the world. We’ve been fans of Marvel’s Iron Man VR since its original release, and we’re excited that the talented teams at Camouflaj and Endeavor One—along with our partners at Sony Interactive Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment—could bring this incredible superhero experience to Meta Quest 2 as well.

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Emergency meeting! There’s a killer aboard this spaceship. Is it you? Too bad, you doth protest too much. Out the airlock you go. Among Us VR reimagines the hit game of deception from a new first-person perspective. Explore the stars with your Crewmates—but beware, at least one of them is an Impostor intent on killing off everyone else. Online matches support 4 - 10 VR players ages 13+, so gather some friends, choose your favorite hat (grab the new hat packs for even more options), and get ready to learn which ones are a little too good at lying.

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