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What’s your preferred way to test Internet Explorer and Edge from Linux or Mac?

alexparra profile image Alex Parra ・1 min read

I’m setting up Parallels with Microsoft’s free developer images.

Do you have a better way?


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Vincent Grovestine

Virtual Box + Windows 10 Pro VM.

I'm also the lone Linux user in a pro-Microsoft workplace, so my Windows virtual machine also gets used for desktop Office 365 apps and Sharepoint in cases where LibreOffice and the non-MS browser experience, respectively, are insufficient.

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Alex Parra Author

Parallels setup working although it was tricky to get to load the localhost app served by webpack.

It’s a pain to debug html and css in IE11.
But it was way worse in IE 9 and below.

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Yeah, and even worse with ie8 and with ie6 it was real nightmare.

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jen chan

I have spent Friday looking for a free option to do this! Even after installing virtualbox and running a Windows vmdk on it I wasn't able to get local host for angular showing in there. Have yet to try parallel and bootcamp. Got paywalled on Amazon Workspaces. Ugh